The REST API can help you manage UDPT with your own scripts.

Notice: The API should only be used in trusted networks. APIs should not be exposed directly to the internet, they are intended for internal use only.


All Endpoints require a authorization token which must be set in the configuration before running the tracker.

GET/tlist all tracked torrents. Possible query parameters are:
offset - The offset in the db where to start listing torrents from.
limit - Maximum amount of records to retrieve (max. 1000).
GET/t/infohashget information about a specific torrent: connected peers & stats
DELETE/t/infohashdrop a torrent from the database.
POST/t/infohashadd/flag/unflag torrent

The payload expected for adding a torrent can be empty, flagging or unflagging a torrent has the following payload:

    "is_flagged": false


Listing all tracked torrents

$ curl

Getting information for a specific torrent

$ curl

Adding a torrent (non-dynamic trackers) or Unflagging a torrent:

$ curl -X POST -d "{\"is_flagged\": false}" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Removing a torrent:

$ curl -X DELETE

Flagging a torrent:

$ curl -X POST -d "{\"is_flagged\": true}" -H "Content-Type: application/json"