Building UDPT

If you're reading this, you're probably interested in using UDPT - so first, thanks for your interest!

UDPT used to be harder to build, especially on Windows due to it's dependencies. Thanks to Rust, it's much simpler now.

Required tools

  • Git - Version Control
  • Rust - Compiler toolchain & Package Manager (cargo)

Getting the sources

git clone

If you prefer to just download the code, you can get the latest codebase here.


This step will download all required dependencies (from and build them as well.

Building should always be done with the latest Rust compiler.

cd udpt
cargo build --release

Once cargo is done building, udpt will be built at target/release/udpt.

Running Tests

UDPT comes with unit tests, they can be run with the following command:

cargo test

If a build or test fails, please submit Issues to UDPT's issue tracker.